Programming, Shader Scripting

How long can you sustain life? Find three friends for this local co-op game to play as the last four living organisms fighting with you own life source as the only weapon. Players rely on a common life-force generator to sustain their electric charge to defend against robotic parasites.

While working on this game, I've covered several areas developing the camera system, a plug-in for Xbox controller support, most non-standard shaders, helped with some of the character rigging, various other gameplay scripts, and working on mobile controller support.

Tetrapulse by The Amiable

Spellstone; Global Assault; Tyrant: Unleased

Programming, Shader Scripting

Synapse Games Incorporated is a quickly rising, Chicago-based social-gaming company dedicated to creating innovative, addictive games. We specialize in Sci-fi/Fantasy themed, asynchronous role-playing MMOs.

Within this quickly growing studio, I have been working as a part of the engineer team to implement new gameplay features, create UI and menu elements, track down and fix bug, updating plugins and SDKs, and shader support. Our primary platforms are iOS, Android, and (via Unity's webplayer). Spellstone, Global Assualt, and Tyrant: Unleased are all published by Kongregate.

Global Assault
Tyrant: Unleased

Involuntary Runner

Modeling, Texturing, Rigging

Involuntary Runner is a technically demanding endless runner-style game with a twist! Jumping is automatic. Instead, control a man's four involuntary organ systems. Beat, breathe, eat, and fart your way across the sky!

On this team of five, I worked heavily with rigging and modeling. I did the modeling for our main runner character and rigged him before passing him to another member to texture and animate. Also, I created the HUD organs modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating them from start to finish. Early in the project, I developed some scripts for gameplay systems. Currently, I am optimizing scripts and assets for the mobile platform.

Groovy Tuesday

Rigging, Scripting shaders, Programming, Modeling

Funkify your Mundane Monday workplace in Groovy Tuesday! Lob musical plugmen in this 3rd person office-adventure. Depart on a spirit journey and feed your coworkers the funk they deserve. Download to play.

Within an 18 person development team, I shouldered most of the responsibilities of a technical artist. Creating most of the shaders and skeletal rigs of the various players, I worked closely between both the tech and art teams. I also tackled programming and modeling tasks whenever possible. I also quickly became a sort of Maya expert, and was able to give several members of the art team pointers on asset creation.

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About Me

I am currently spending my days with the Synapse Games team (Tyrant: Unleashed, Global Assault) in Chicago as a client side programmer. On my nights and weekends, I can be found working on many aspects of Tetrapulse with my friends at The Amiable Company.

Outside of games, I enjoy reading fantasy novels containing plenty of magic and swords; link-surfing through wikipedia (especially through pages on history and myths); and dodging car doors on my bicycle.