Skills and Abilities

• Strong cross disciplinary abilities in art and engineering
• Thinking creatively to resolve challenges and limitations
• Attentive to visual and technical details
• Anticipating needs to streamline pipelines and increase productivity
• Strong multidisciplinary communication skills
• Working with minimum supervision, individually, and collaboratively

Technical Competencies

• C#, C++, C
• Python, MEL
• Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox
• Adobe AfterEffect, Adobe Photoshop
• Unity3D, XNA, UDK


DePaul University
Bachelor of Science   '11-'13
Computer Game Development   3.85

Parkland College
Associate in Applied Science   '08-'10
Digital Media - 3D Animation and Game Development 3.63


Tetrapulse by The Amiable
Programming, Modeling, Rigging, Shader scripting

SpellstoneTyrant: UnleasedGlobal Assault by Synapse Games
Programming, Shader scripting

Involuntary Runner by Team Dads
Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, Programming

Groovy Tuesday by DGE4
Rigging, Scripting shaders, Modeling, Programming

Cleft Palate Research - Beckman Institute, UIUC
Scripting in Maya, Programing in Matlab, Modeling, Texturing, Animating


Co-Founder/Developer, The Amiable
Create a multiply player game, Tetrapulse, in which your health is your ammo. Develop code and visuals for feedback, controller support, and gameplay elements.

Unity Engineer, Synapse Games
Develop UI and gameplay elements of the mobile games Tyrant: Unleashed, Global Assault, and unannounced.

Contract Unity Engineer, Eight Bit Studios
Develop UI and gameplay elements of the mobile game Box-O-Zombies.

Artist Intern, Young Horses
3/13 - 6/13
Create environment and prop art assets within the stylized 50's modernist world of Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

Visualization Specialist, Beckman Institute at University of Illinois
6/09 - 8/11
Create scientifically accurate visualizations of anatomical organs of the inner mouth, throat, and head from scientific research into the muscles movement of the soft pallet during speech with scripting and art.

Contact Me

Twitter: @roberson3d
LinkedIn: Add Me!

About Me

I am currently spending my days with the Synapse Games team (Tyrant: Unleashed, Global Assault) in Chicago as a client side programmer. On my nights and weekends, I can be found working on many aspects of Tetrapulse with my friends at The Amiable Company.

Outside of games, I enjoy reading fantasy novels containing plenty of magic and swords; link-surfing through wikipedia (especially through pages on history and myths); and dodging car doors on my bicycle.